Cooperative Family Law

There is little in life as difficult to endure as the breakdown of a relationship. Issues of divorce, custody, support, and property division can leave us confused, angry and scared. In our experience the Court system often only adds to these difficulties. We strive to work with clients committed to a non-court cooperative resolution of their issues.

Our lawyers are experienced at family law matters. We have seen firsthand the time, the cost, the tears and the stress that court litigation can add to an already difficult situation; And far too often with an end result that was predictable when examining the matter with the clarity of emotions removed. We work with clients to strive for a fair solution for all parties. We believe that you should be in charge of your life – not lawyers and judges. We help you make informed decisions that are equitable and focused on the future – and not dwelling upon the past.

Our lawyers focus on non-adversarial approaches such as mediation, interest-based negotiation, and collaborative practice. Please visit our Dispute Resolution page for more information on these services.

For more information on a collaborative approach to family law issues please visit the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association's website at:

Not all Family Law issues involve separation. We can also help make your blended family whole through the step-parent adoption process. We can assist those entering into a relationship with the peace of mind of having cohabitation and marriage contracts in place. We can also assist in the preparation of separation and divorce contracts arrived at by a consensual process, and also finalize uncontested divorces.

At High Level Law we can help. We have experienced lawyers who are compassionate but firm, and that will stand by you. You are not alone.

Remember – we are here to help!