Civil litigation is a broad term encompassing a range of practice areas in the civil courts system. If you or your business need to litigate a dispute, you need a lawyer with the experience, knowledge, integrity and skill to protect and advance your interests, be it in the boardroom, mediation, arbitration or the courts.

We have represented clients in all levels of the Alberta Courts system, from chambers matters to trials and appeals, from simple disputes to large, more complex cases. We have expertise and experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in contentious matters such as estate disputes, construction and builder’s lien claims, contractual disputes, commercial disputes, shareholders issues, professional negligence claims, personal injury and wrongful death claims, torts, collections and insurance matters.

Resolving disputes takes time and commitment. However, unresolved disputes are costlier and have the potential to dramatically affect your business or your personal life. We can help you achieve the resolution that works for you.

Our first priority is to help our clients avoid disputes, but when that is not possible we help them consider all of their options. We make the effort to understand our clients' needs and goals, to advise and consider appropriate dispute resolution options and to then implement solutions in as cost effective a manner as the circumstances of the case allow. Part of what we do is to help our clients understand the process itself. If you find that litigation is the path to follow, we can take you from “Now what?” to resolution.

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