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As we age or deal with illness or uncertainty, the reality of life is that sometimes the frailty of our bodies takes over. As our law entrenches recognition of the rights of the individual, gone are the days that a spouse or eldest child could step into their parents’ shoes. Also gone are the days when the parents of a disabled child were automatically given deference.

When circumstances arise that an adult individual is not able to manage their own affairs – then a legal framework needs to be put into place to assist. At High Level Law, we can help in making applications for guardianship and trusteeship. We can assist in reviews of existing orders and any changes that circumstances may require.

While the preference would be to ensure that everyone has a proper Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive in place, in cases where this is not available one can turn to the courts for assistance through formal guardianship and trusteeship orders. Our experienced and compassionate lawyers and staff will guide you through this process.

You may wish to first contact The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of Alberta. Often, they are able to direct you to resources to help streamline the process:

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However, if you require specialized assistance or have run into problems, we may be able to assist in ensuring that the proper legal framework is in place and give advice on the role of the guardian and trustee.

Remember – we are here to help!