Alternative Dispute Resolution

There is wisdom in the belief that Court should be viewed as a last resort – the realm of the unreasonable.  It is expensive, stressful and time consuming.  Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Traditional litigation should not always be considered as the first choice.  People should strive to be in control of thier own lives and should be making thier own decisions – not necessarily lawyers and judges.

There are a variety of means in which disputes can be resolved – with court often being seen as a last resort when all other options have run out.

High Level Law can assist in resolving your disputes with efficiency, respect and fairness.  We can assist directly in negotiations. We can assist in the mediation process as an advocate.  We can assist by being the neutral mediator to a dispute.  We can also provide arbitration services that are fair and reasoned. 

We can also provide lawyers specially trained in dealing with collaborative law:

There are never guarantees in life.  In court you can be assured that there will at some point be an end and that a judge will make a decision, but there is no guarantee what that decision will be.  At High Level Law we are always looking for new ways to resolve disputes that are in the best interests of our clients.

Remember – we are here to help!

With an open mind and a desire to treat and be treated fairly, almost any dispute is a candidate for alternative forms of dispute resolution. Some examples include:

Shareholder Conflict
Employee - Employer Disputes
Estate Conflict and Estate Planning
Breach of Contract
Parenting Plans including custody, access and decision making
Divorce and Division of Property
Business Disagreements
Entitlement and Calculation of Child and Spousal Support including arrears
Neighbouring Property Issues
Family Caregivers and Guardians
The Family Business
Business Transaction Gone Wrong
Restitution and Compensation